Request Earlier BIOQUANT Version

If you do not have an active Technical Services Plan, you still may qualify for an upgrade to the latest version of BIOQUANT that was available when your technical services plan expired. 

You can determine your Registered User, volume number, purchase date, and product name by going to the Help menu and choosing About.

If you think your lab may qualify for upgrade, please fill out the form below.

Look-up My BIOQUANT Product Form

We will look up your Volume number and let you know if you qualify for an upgrade to a later BIOQUANT product. If you do, we will ship it to you! If not, we will email and let you know why.

To whom is the system registered? Found by clicking Help>About on current software.
Four digit code. Found by clicking Help>About on current software.
This person does not need to be the Registered User.
Your Phone Number
Your Phone Number
In case of trouble with package delivery.
Shipping inside the United States will be via US Postal Service. International shipping will be via FedEx.
Please provide any product details that you do know.