Remote Training: Part of our Technical Service Plans

Individualized training via remote connection is provided to users with an active Technical Services Plan. With an easy to budget annual fee, the lab receives the training, support, and upgrades it needs to help get the most from BIOQUANT.

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Scheduling Tips

Time Zones

Standard training hours are from 9:00AM to 4:00PM Central Time. 

Our lab is located GMT-6 (GMT-5 from 9 March to 2 November).

Extended training hours are available by appointment. This is helpful for members of our community in China, South Korea, India, and Australia. You can check the World Clock Meeting Planner for more details!

Equipment Preparation

Please let us know if this will be the first training for your lab after the installation of a new BIOQUANT system. We can help you check that your system is properly installed before the training session.


Most training sessions last between 1 and 2 hours.

Schedule Remote Training Session

Use this form to schedule a remote training session. The training time must be at least 48 hours from the submission time. If you need help sooner, please give us a call at 800-221-0549 or +01 615-350-7866 Ext 2.

BIOQUANT Information
Training Attendee Information
Please indicate the person attending the training.
Phone Near the BIOQUANT System *
Phone Near the BIOQUANT System
This can be a cell phone. It is recommended that the phone can be put on "Speaker Phone" so that everyone can hear and the person using BIOQUANT does not need to hold the phone.
Requested Date and Time
We will email you confirmation that your requested date and time is available. If it is not, we will reschedule with you via email or phone.
Requested Date
Requested Date
Requested Start Time in Nashville Time *
Requested Start Time in Nashville Time
An easy way to determine the meeting time at both sites is to use the World Clock Meeting Planner ( Select a date for the training. Location 1 should fill with your city. In Location 2, type "Nashville". Click the "Show Timetable" button. A chart is generated showing the time zones for each site.
Enter the name of the project to be covered.
Please provide a summary of the project. This will assist the trainer in preparing an informative, efficient training.