BIOQUANT System Registration Update

This form identifies the Registered and Designated Users of a BIOQUANT system and their contact information. Keeping this information current will help us provide accurate technical services and timely notification of software updates.

Registered User Information
Current Registered User Name *
Current Registered User Name
The Registered User is the person who licensed the BIOQUANT system. That person is usually the principal investigator of the lab.
Registered User Phone Number *
Registered User Phone Number
Laboratory Phone Number
Laboratory Phone Number
This is the number of the phone next to the BIOQUANT system.
Designated User Information
Current Designated User Name *
Current Designated User Name
The Designated User is usually in charge of training and maintenance for the BIOQUANT system. THis person may or may not be the same as the Registered User. Only the Registered and Designated Users may contact BIOQUANT for support.
Designated User Phone Number *
Designated User Phone Number
Address Information
Where would you would prefer us to ship updates? We usually ship via FedEx. If you prefer USPS, please make a note.
Analysis Information
These questions help us prioritize new measurement tools for the software.
How does your lab image your histology for analysis? *
Conference and Journal Information
These questions help us keep up to date with current research relevant to our community.