We don't make coffee. Yet.

We don't make coffee. Yet.

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade


Reason #10: Faster Windows

Windows 10 Support

We here at BIOQUANT want to be on the latest operating system. Why? We like being at the forefront of technology. We like improvements. We like computers with big monitors and lots of memory.

Windows 10 support is part of our secret plan to achieve our number one goal: To make the protocols super fast.


Reason #9: Faster Interpretation

Enhanced Pseudocolor Palettes

Pseudocoloring is a technique to recolor images to emphasis contrast between different cell populations. BIOQUANT LIFE SCIENCE 2017 contains a new library of pseudocolor tables for many applications.


Enhanced Color Palette

The darker colors in the standard BIOQUANT color palette has been replaced by brighter versions. These new colors provide better contrast with tissues and better fill out the available color spectrum.

These new colors are applicable to:

  • ROI Color (a new customization to LIFE SCIENCE 2017)
  • Preview Color
  • Measurement Color
  • Threshold Color

Reason #8: Faster Thresholding

Threshold: Basis of Automated Measurement
An accurate threshold is the key to automated measurement. BIOQUANT has made significant progress in automating the creation of accurate thresholds.

Scroll Wheel threshold Adjustment

Fine-tune the Threshold By Scrolling the Mouse Wheel
Starting with the initial color, scrolling the mouse wheel up will search the image for similar colors and add them to the threshold automatically. Scrolling the mouse wheel down will find the colors in the threshold that are least similar to the initial color and remove them automatically.


Automatically Remove Threshold Associated with Non-specific Staining
The "Clean" button searches the image for all "small" bits of threshold and deletes them. This makes it quick to isolate the important parts of an image from the surrounding tissue despite non-specific background staining.

Keep Just What you Want
The "Keep" button allows you to mark just the parts of the threshold you need and then deletes the rest.


Reason #7: Faster Imaging

BIOQUANT SCAN: EASY Digital pathology


BIOQUANT SCAN controls a motorized stage with the help of an autofocus camera to automatically scan histology slides or well plate cultures. Analysis of digital scans is faster to perform and easier to train.

BIOQUANT can zoom out to measure referent data at one time for the entire section. Moving around a high magnification is faster and simpler when all you need to do is drag a box around the Large Image Navigator.

4GB Support for digital scans in TIF, BMP, & BIF Format

The Imaging Extensions add-on supports 4GB scans in TIFF, BMP, or BIF image formats. This makes it easy to work with digital slides from BIOQUANT SCAN and many other digital pathology scanners. With a 20X lens, that's about a 400 mm2 of tissue.

Crop within the Large Image Navigator

Having access to the entire section, means BIOQUANT can zoom out to rapidly measure large structures hippocampus area, then zoom in to measure cells within any structure. All this combines to make data collection fast.

Store camera Settings in Camera Presets

Camera Settings for Mult-channel Fluorescence.png

Camera presets make is simple to switch between brightfield, polarized light, and fluorescence imaging.

Presets store exposure time, gain, and white balance settings to standardize imaging and reduce setup times.


Reason #6: Faster Training with Guides and Videos

Integrated Video Tutorials

Play Button for Integrated Video Tutorials

The modern ribbon interface of BIOQUANT LIFE SCIENCE 2017 includes integrated video documentation specific to reach region of the ribbon. Here are just a few examples.

Click the play button in the Measurement region to learn about the various measurement tools. Click the play button in the Threshold region to learn how to automatically identify stained cells. Videos are integrated into a PDF document for easy navigation, portability, and fullscreen playback.

Get Started quickly with Tutorial Guides

A Warm Welcome

When BIOUQANT starts, as welcome screen appears. This allows students to start one of the many tutorials, continue where the left off, or start a new project.

Start a Tutorial

BIOQUANT LIFE SCIENCE 2017 comes with an ever-expanding library of tutorials. Some tutorials focus on general system functionality. Others focus on collecting specific kinds of data from particular tissues.

Tutorials include standard data templates, instructional guides, and sample histology.


Reason #5: Faster Protocol Setup

Assign Tool Settings to Arrays
Most settings in BIOQUANT have an Assign button next to them. Clicking that button stores the current value of that setting into the array. Then, at any time in the future, clicking the array returns the setting to its assigned value.

Assign Startup Settings  to Datasets
Files used with the whole data set like Guides, Selected Lists, Calculation Lists, and Measurement Filters can be assigned to a dataset. Default assignments have already been made to every template dataset in BIOQUANT.


Reason #4: Faster Data Collection


Our constant goal at BIOQUANT is to improve the speed of data collection. Standard analysis templates are continuously improved. Many steps have been eliminated, making data collection faster. Most recent improvements are to:


Reason #3: Even Faster Analysis with Batch Processing

Script Repetitive Tasks

Batch processing allows BIOQUANT to apply a sequence of editing and measurement steps to an image so data can be collected automatically. Commands include switching arrays, threshold editing, measurement with most measurement types, and switching images.


Reason #2: Faster Help with Technical Service Plans



Labs with active Technical Service Plans receive on-demand training via remote desktop sharing. Use this service to train new students, learn new software features, and design new data collection protocols.

Priority technical support

Get quick solutions to software and hardware problems by phone, email, or remote desktop.

Continuous annual upgrades

Each year, BIOQUANT publishes an upgrade to BIOQUANT Life Science that is included at no charge as part of the Technical Services Plan. New versions add features requested by the community, consolidate protocol steps, and introduce new types of measurement tools.


Reason #1: Complexity Simplified

This version of BIOQUANT LIFE SCIENCE takes the longest strides toward distilling the complexity of analyzing biological tissues down to the simplest of procedures.

BIOQUANT helps you artfully balance analytical speed and statistical power. You remain in control while the system guides you through a well-designed work-flow. At each step, reasonable default values are proposed but are easily changed to conform to laboratory practice.

BIOQUANT seeks to automated the 80 percent of the work that fits clearly within a reproducible standard for analysis. With a project specific set of criteria (color, shape, size, location) BIOQUANT makes short work of laborious analysis. This frees you up to invest your time in the complexities of the interesting 20%.