Free Upgrade with Active Technical Services Plan

This upgrade is available to all labs with active technical services plans. Read the release notes for complete details on the upgrade.

Request your lab's upgrade to BIOQUANT LIFE SCIENCE 2017 17.5.6.

Learn with Built-in Video Help

BIOQUANT LIFESCIENCE 2017 includes new integrated video tutorials. From the ribbon, click the Play Tutorial Video button to get an instructional video specific to that region in BIOQUANT.

Easily Start Tutorial Procedures

A new "Open a Tutorial Data Set" button has been added to the Welcome screen. This lets people new to BIOQUANT easily find a tutorial that will help them get started learning BIOQUANT.

Used an Expanded Color Palette

The default color palette in BIOQUANT LIFE SCIENCE has been expanded to include brighter colors that contrast better with stained tissue. Also, the ROI color is now customizable along with threshold, preview color, and measurement color.

Use Enhanced Pseudocolor Palettes

The Pseudocolor module has been simplified and enhanced with 6 new color palettes.

Save Naviagtor Image with Tracing Up to 4GB

The Save Navigator Image with Tracings option has been enhanced to support saving images up to 4GB is size with a matching SVG file.

Read About Even More Features

This is just a sample of the new features. To read all the features read the Release Notes.